Explore McPherson Mansion

From the ground  and up to the air,

let us take you in a breathtaking tour of

The McPherson Mansion

The Grounds

With 3. 5 acres of lush lawns and manicured gardens, McPherson's outdoors is already a piece of suburban paradise in the heart of Georgia.


The Courtyard

The Courtyard is McPherson's exquisite space at the heart of the Mansion. It is your other doorway leading to the Mansion's more exquisite and elegant spaces.


The Bedroom Suites

The McPherson Mansion's Bedroom Suites are designed in finest detail and sophistication which is a living testament of classic timelessness imbued in modern interior design and architecture.

The Indoor/Outdoor Pool

This multi-million dollar pool is yet another McPherson Mansion's indoor gem. Both day and night, this indoor pool is an attraction with its classic yet very modern and elegant vibe.

The Ballrooms

No other place can give you the best of both worlds - a private and exclusive address, an elegant space that fits more than 200 people and a highly sophisticated ambiance only for your special guests.


The Entertainment Areas

We do not stop from the most luxurious spaces and amenities in the mansion - we bring you in-house entertainment facilities with state-of the art theater, to indoor basketball court

Other Areas

From kitchens to dining halls, living to study rooms, and walk-in closets, the McPherson Mansion packs a lot of surprise with its private spaces and amenities. A perfect spot to shoot TV/Film production, as well as  commercial and videos