Why Atlanta, Georgia?


The Hollywood

of the South

Atlanta's filmmaking history and success is fairly recent.  In 2008 Georgia began offering 20 percent tax credits to productions with at least a $500,000 production budget.

If producers showed the Georgia logo at the end of the credits, the state would up its offer to 30 percent. The Atlanta Journal & Constitution story takes a closer look at movies and TV filming success in Atlanta. Source: AccessAtlanta.com

In fiscal 2015, Georgia hosted 248 total film and television productions, which had a $6 billion economic impact on the state, according to the Georgia Department of Economic Development.  A more conservative AJC estimate puts it at half, or just above 3 billion dollars. The state says the direct spend of these projects was reportedly $1.7 billion.


MovieMaker Magazine names Atlanta as #1 city for filmmakers to work and live before New York, Austin, TX, and LA. (hyperlink  In the 2015 Feature Film Study published by Film L.A. Inc., The State of Georgia ranks #3 in the world in film production. Source: MovieMaker.com

Workforce, cost of living, weather, restaurant and night life, and ease of travel from Los Angeles to Atlanta are reportedly some of the reasons movie business is booming.  Atlanta is a hub for flights too.  Hartsfield-Jackson reportedly had 27 flights departing to Los Angeles. Delta alone offered 8 flights to the nation's movie capital.


Arguably the biggest reason is affordability and tax incentive.  The Deputy commissioner of Georgia Department of Economic Development, said "It’s funny because now no matter what the script says, they'll say, 'We'll make it work.' 

Filming in Atlanta:

Tax Incentives and Forms

Since 2008, the Georgia Entertainment Act has helped the State of Georgia's production industry increase tenfold, thanks to a State Tax Credit of up to 30% for Qualified Productions.



Highlights from the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act include the following:

  • 20 percent base transferable tax credit

  • 10 percent Georgia Entertainment Promotion (GEP) uplift can be earned by including an embedded Georgia logo on approved projects and a link to TourGeorgiaFilm.com on the promotional website

  • $500,000 minimum spend to qualify

  • No limits or caps on Georgia spend, no sunset clause

  • Both resident and non-resident workers’ payrolls and FICA, SUI, FUI qualify

  • No salary cap on individuals paid by 1099, personal service contract or loan out. Payments made to a loan out company will require six percent Georgia income tax withheld

  • Production expenditures must be made in Georgia to qualify from a Georgia vendor

  • Travel and insurance qualify if purchased through a Georgia agency or company

  • Original music scoring eligible for projects produced in Georgia qualify

  • Post production of Georgia filmed movies and television projects qualify if post done in Georgia

  • Development costs, promotion, marketing, license fees and story right fees do not qualify


For more details, please see the Georgia Film and TV Production Incentives HERE